Sunday, August 29, 2010

B is for...BABY!!

So just when I am getting into the swing of training for the Turtleman Triathalon guess what shows up???? A plus sign and a solid line! Nope...not a PR on a race, or a negative split time...these signs come up when you urinate on a stick, that means...we're pregnant!

I feel like I had that 'mother's intuition' immediately, like I knew when the exact time was when our baby was conceived, (i know, i know) but I just had this feeling that we got pregnant. We went up to the cabin for the 4th of July weekend and I just didn't feel like 'me' and little did I know that I wouldn't get that 'me' feeling back for 10 months! Or, possibly longer! :)

So...stay posted...I am definitely going to need some strength for this CLIMB!

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The name of this blog was inspired by Kristin Armstrong's devotional book, Strength for the Climb. I am a midwest girl married to a handsome, hardworking, God-fearing man and the mother of two boys. My eldest son, a social butterfly that has enough energy and excitement to make anyone tired and a personality that will make you giggle with laughter. My youngest son, can cuddle like no other, and his eyes will speak right to your soul. Both of my sons have taught me more about God's grace and goodness. We are blessed to have an extra chromosome in our family as our sweet Jack was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome. With that, I am reminded daily to trust and rely on God's perfect plan on this journey called life. I am a child of God and grateful to my Heavenly Father for His continued blessings, guidance, wisdom, and most importantly for saving my soul.